I love looking on the internet for inspiration everyday from manufacturers, designers, bloggers and other websites, I have a real mixture of loves and passions from make up and fashion to technology and cars, so I will have varied and interesting posts,I hope each one of you will find something that inspires you.

Go go gadget baby!!!

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It was due to happen and I like the result, let’s hope no fingers get trapped and the prices eventually come down, but all in all love the idea! The ultimate gadget baby gizmo ! Electric buggy Origami

Decorative fair- oct 2014

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Looking for decorative inspiration? Whether you’re a mid century modern lover or antiquity fanatic the decorative fair is the place to head. Sept 30th to Sunday 5th Oct 2014. Find more information about the fair at www.decorativefair.com

Hyperlapse app

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love time lapses?  well there’s an app in town to make them as easy as!!! Hyperlapse ia available to download on your mobile so now you can time-lapse at the drop of a hat. have a look at some of the examples Tech Crunch posted.    

Energy saving findings … Great challenge!

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Energy saving challenge – the results. You may have seen that earlier this month I started an energy saving challenge with Money Supermarket.com to find out which saves you more money – being energy conscious or switching providers. After using energy monitoring kit for a month and comparing the suppliers I’ve found some interesting results…. Everyone wants to get their energy bills down, especially when it lands on the doormat, but I hadn’t thought about measuring what I actually use Read More >

Share your wedding on an app

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Appy Couple is an app created to allow you to share your important wedding day details with your guests. Dress code, rsvps, wedding party pics. Even add your photos and view the official ones …. It’s an interactive keepsake :) Appycouple for more info :) Free on the App Store

Baby & Toddler show

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26-28th September at eventcity Manchester is the baby & toddler show. Tickets are from £10 using code BTM14 if you go here Apparently lots of deals to be had And free parking if you fancy a day out.

Send a personalised postcard

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We all take photographs, especially as our everyday devices make it so easy for us! But how often do we share them or even print them? Well there’s a great app that makes it a doddle to send your photo as a postcard Touchnote Created currently for iPhone. Share the memories and the fun!

Energy Saver Challenge Update

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It’s been a real eye opener so far looking at my energy usage, but what has surprised me the most is how much individual appliances use. Today I measured the energy use while vacuuming and it used 0.64kwh costing me 7pence!! Bearing In mind I live in a 1 level apartment! Doing that 3 times a week will set me back £10.92 per year. But also just blow drying my hair (which takes about 15mins) cost 5pence! I do this Read More >

Edyn- take the guessing out of gardening!

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Jason Aramburu a proclaimed soil scientist with the collaboration of FUSE PROJECT has created a smart garden system – Edyn garden sensor & Water Valve. The sensor which sits in the soil of your plants relays real time information on what is happening to your garden, it’ll provide you with tips on how to help your garden flourish, for novice and expert gardeners. Take the guess work out of gardening ! read more about the project HERE  

My Energy Saving Challenge :)

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No one likes bills falling on their doormat and I’m the first to put my hand up when there’s any chance of making them cheaper….I love a good deal! So when a friend of mine recently mentioned she’d changed energy suppliers in her home and that it’d reduced her monthly bills, I started thinking is there any way that I could save on my energy costs; whether I could consciously change my habits at home to reduce energy usage, or Read More >

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