I love looking on the internet for inspiration everyday from manufacturers, designers, bloggers and other websites, I have a real mixture of loves and passions from make up and fashion to technology and cars, so I will have varied and interesting posts,I hope each one of you will find something that inspires you.

Tractive’s new App for Dog Walkers

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A short while ago I told you about Tractive’s Dog Tracking App, Well now they have a fun follow up for dog owners out there that love their Dog Walking! DOGWALK is new and lets your track and log your daily dog walks, it’ll give you your current position on a map, exact distance, the duration and you can integrate photos you capture along the way of fun doggy moments on the walk – which can be shared with friends and Read More >

My Baby must Haves….

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During Pregnancy advice is freely given on what you will/won’t need and most of it is quite valid in fact having 13 nieces and nephews i had some amazing advice, but there were things i just didn’t really even use Pacifiers/dummies for instance Lex never took to them, yet i must’ve bought at least 12-15 of them just incase!! Every baby is different and will all need different things but some of the things i have loved and relied on Read More >

Mochupop… Languages for Babies

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When I was in San Fran Last week one of the courtesy car drivers called “Long” started chatting to me about babies learning languages, how there is research to back up the fact children are most receptive to learning a new language before the age of 4! which i had heard before. What i hadn’t heard of before is the iPad app he went on to tell me about called ” Mochupop” created by his friends,  it allows babies from the Read More >

Creopop It’s a 3D printing pen!

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3D printing is going from strength to strength and becoming very accessible and more affordable, so i’m excited about the prospect of a 3D printing pen! Imagine the possibilities!….3D Doodles. Brought to my attention on Twitter by @sbowers78 , this project is now up for pledges and for approx £98 you could get one with 15 different colour inks!!! pledges can be taken til 10th June- They’re hoping doing it this way and drumming up big interest will allow them to Read More >

Grand Designs Live – Go Visit

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I had the pleasure of doing a talk with Lucy Hedges about Wearable Tech on the Grand Theatre at Grand Designs Live today which was great fun – Though that isn’t the reason for this post, it’s to tell you if you are looking for anything for the home in a building or decorative manner you HAVE to pop here, i wasn’t able to hang around after my talk as i needed to get back for Lex but i was Read More >

Electronics for Kids -ZIPPYKIT

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I was lucky enough to host the Everywoman Technology Awards this week, it was a night of inspiring people doing wonderful things for the future of women in Technology. At the end i spoke with a forward thinking innovator in Technology and Gadgets called Elena Corchero who is building a portfolio of products using smart materials and eco design, she showed me this cute toy that had inbuilt electronics but the key is kids build these themselves from a kit teaching Read More >

The Art of the Brick-London

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I love Lego, something myself and hubby have spent many a fun night building ( the Architecture series), we’re impressed by the reinvention of Lego and how it has become yet again the trendy Children and Adults play thing. A good friend of ours Victoria told us about ” The Art of the Brick” exhibition and there was no doubt  that we just had to visit while it was in London ( currently showing til mid April). The Artist is Nathan Read More >

3D Printed Footwear- its all about Bitonti

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Francis Bitonti who created a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese has created a pocket collection of pixelated womens footwear and accessories using a 3D printer and John Conway’s Game of Life, each slightly different in form and graduating in colour from using different filaments. Now working with footwear manufacturers it won’t be long before we see the 3D printed wedge with a more traditional upper! will we all be wearing 3D Printed objects/clothing in the future?     photos dezeen.com

Arty Emoticon

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Ever felt limited by the standard bank of emoticons? well now you can get emoticons that are designed “outside the box” created by artists, musicians and celebrities. hi-art Available on iOS and Android, make messaging a whole lot more fun :)

Get Cruising!!

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How much fun can you have on 2 wheels, i’d like to find out on this little beauty! Scrooser a wide wheeled Scooter Cruiser, reaching speeds of up to 25kph, Electric Motor built in to the back wheel hub, Front disc brakes, Rear engine breaks and on a charge can travel 35-55km. 3,336 Euro isn’t cheap but i’m thinking it could be worth it ! photos-scrooser.com

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