I love looking on the internet for inspiration everyday from manufacturers, designers, bloggers and other websites, I have a real mixture of loves and passions from make up and fashion to technology and cars, so I will have varied and interesting posts,I hope each one of you will find something that inspires you.

Electronics for Kids -ZIPPYKIT

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I was lucky enough to host the Everywoman Technology Awards this week, it was a night of inspiring people doing wonderful things for the future of women in Technology. At the end i spoke with a forward thinking innovator in Technology and Gadgets called Elena Corchero who is building a portfolio of products using smart materials and eco design, she showed me this cute toy that had inbuilt electronics but the key is kids build these themselves from a kit teaching Read More >

The Art of the Brick-London

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I love Lego, something myself and hubby have spent many a fun night building ( the Architecture series), we’re impressed by the reinvention of Lego and how it has become yet again the trendy Children and Adults play thing. A good friend of ours Victoria told us about ” The Art of the Brick” exhibition and there was no doubt  that we just had to visit while it was in London ( currently showing til mid April). The Artist is Nathan Read More >

3D Printed Footwear- its all about Bitonti

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Francis Bitonti who created a 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese has created a pocket collection of pixelated womens footwear and accessories using a 3D printer and John Conway’s Game of Life, each slightly different in form and graduating in colour from using different filaments. Now working with footwear manufacturers it won’t be long before we see the 3D printed wedge with a more traditional upper! will we all be wearing 3D Printed objects/clothing in the future?     photos dezeen.com

Arty Emoticon

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Ever felt limited by the standard bank of emoticons? well now you can get emoticons that are designed “outside the box” created by artists, musicians and celebrities. hi-art Available on iOS and Android, make messaging a whole lot more fun :)

Get Cruising!!

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How much fun can you have on 2 wheels, i’d like to find out on this little beauty! Scrooser a wide wheeled Scooter Cruiser, reaching speeds of up to 25kph, Electric Motor built in to the back wheel hub, Front disc brakes, Rear engine breaks and on a charge can travel 35-55km. 3,336 Euro isn’t cheap but i’m thinking it could be worth it ! photos-scrooser.com

Opinions aren’t always wanted!

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In the hairdressers with Lex waiting for hubby to finish up, Lex was standing up on my legs and all smiles constantly looking round as he’s so inquisitive, an older gentleman looked at us and said ” make the most of it, it doesn’t last long” i replied with” i know he’s already a lot bigger compared to being a baby” to which he responded with “oh when they get older they’re horrible, they’re nasty, abusive, talk back not all smiles like Read More >

Track your pets

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I’ve always liked the idea of pet trackers, having grown up always having a dog and the current one Peaches loves to go “walkies” if she gets chance, i think there’s quite a market for them and having just come across this one! it looks like a comprehensive good gadget. Tractive uses 3G and GPS to locate and track your pet, its waterproof, the battery lasts 2-5 days and the apps are available on iOS and Android. There is a fee Read More >

Hoverboard- it’s about time!

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“Back to the Future” is one of my favourite movies, the hoverboard was one of the coolest future gadgets in the series ( and secretly we all hoped it would come true) well it looks like this could be the real deal technology! Arx Pax have patented a magnetic field Architecture which creates lift using the circular and electric eddy currents generated when a magnetic field is moved relative to a conductor. The Hendo Board was created to demonstrate this, and Read More >

TED Talks – a beautiful insight

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I discovered TED Talks about 5 years ago, since then I’ve been a huge fan of the variety of beautiful and honest minds/speakers on there, it’s a wonderful source of information and inspiration, i watch at least a handful each day once Lex is in bed. One of the things that intrigues me is the physical body and mind, i studied Physiology at college when i was 18 and started a basic sports Psychology course, but It’s the human mind and behaviour toward one another that Read More >

For your eyes only!

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It’s funny how life throws you little reminders, I’ve wanted to write a blog post since sunday afternoon but haven’t had the chance and at 1am it probably isn’t the best time to do it, but after a phone conversation with my hubby he mentioned that one of my favourite movies “The Secret life of Walter Mitty” was just starting where he is- and it made me smile as my blog post was about a moment from that film. I Read More >

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